Organization for Promotion, Equality and Advocacy (OPEA)

The Organization for Promotion, Equality, and Advocacy (OPEA) was transformed from BARDHA Association which was established in 2003 to reduce unemployment, employ women that are heads of families, and train and qualify interested women and girls to become independent and empower them.




The fact that we have a crisis means that the workers suffer the most, and the owners of companies that try to alleviate the situation fall on the workers’ backs. Where companies’ profit is reduced to a minimum, or they work at a loss, the workers suffer the most.



We regularly organize roundtables about their rights and engage judicial professionals to explain and inform them about the legal processes and demands. OPEA proposed the amendment of the Law for the Protection of workers, with the proposal containing the specification of physical and psychological violence as its essential core. 




They are fired without prior notice, take mandatory unpaid vacations, or have their wages cut. According to our data, about two thousand people have left their jobs since the coronavirus crisis. Still, unofficial data from some organizations indicate a figure reaching up to five thousand workers.